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What we precisely strive for at Higher Skills is to enable you to lift yourself high up the academic scale by utilizing your study hours as productively as possible. With our invaluable tips and advice on the best methods of studying, tips and tricks to grasp and retain information, ways to concentrate, and last but not the least, our extensive range of e-learning modules and e-books on the various facets of studying and examination preparation, we are sure that every student, irrespective of his or her age or intelligence quotient will definitely find our advice extremely noteworthy and useful.

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No matter which part of the globe you belong to, what curriculum you are engaged with, or what examination you are facing, we have something in store for everybody!

Top Five Best Practices for Academics


Formulate an all-inclusive and well-planned timetable that is practical, and not only does it include all subjects, but also has proper time allocated for study breaks, exercise and recreation.


As compared to reading silently, reading aloud is a better way to learn, and as compared to reading aloud, rewriting your notes is a sure-shot way to ensure that what you are writing is held on to your memory.

3.Time Matters

Choosing the right time for your studies is as important as how much time you devote towards the same. The best time is when your mind is neither tired nor distracted.

4. Proper Sleep

Refrain from last-minute memorizing or a night-long memorization session just before an examination. A sleep deprived mind will tend to jumble up whatever it has read. Devote a realistic amount of time towards studying on a daily basis, and sleep well before the examination!

5. Practicing 

When it comes to subjects such as Mathematics, Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning, practice as much as possible. While theoretical subjects require reading and writing notes, you can only sharpen your touch in the aforementioned ones with regular practice. 


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Coping with Examination Phobia


Taking the time to explain in advance

We have an Online Academic Expert who will be pleased to customize a study advice session based on your requirements. After registering with us, you can simply email us what kind of advice you are looking for, in terms of the examinations that you have to clear, the subjects that are difficult for you, the specific problems and obstructions that you generally face in the path of your revisions, and so on and so forth. Our Online Expert will schedule an online advice session for you based upon a timing that is mutually suitable for us.


With the help of positive thinking, meditation, regular exercises, planned studying, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, one can easily overcome Examination Phobia, a syndrome that torments a large number of students at various stages of life. Higher Skills has a wide range of articles that deal with overcoming Examination Phobia, all of them being backed by ample research and charted out by industry experts.
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Happy Clients

Higher Skills is an excellent education site, with the latest studying recommendations for students. I really admire the fact that they encourage young learners to understand the fundamental concepts of each subject rather than memorizing theories. 
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